Default Counseling

Default Counseling – Foreclosure Prevention

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage or are in danger of becoming delinquent, we can help you navigate your way through the process of saving your home. You are not alone! Our certified Homeownership Specialists understand how to work with your lender or mortgage company, and will work with you to help you avoid foreclosure. We can help you understand your options. Our Specialists can provide you with face-to-face or over the telephone counseling.  Our main goal is to help you save your home!

More Information

The services provided include:

  • Assessing the reasons for delinquency
  • Preparing hardship letters
  • Developing a repayment plan proposals
  • Providing Direct dialogue with your lender(s)
  • Completing loan modification applications
  • Negotiating forbearance agreements
  • Reinforcing homeowner rights and responsibilities
  • Teaching money management and budgeting
  • Providing resources to help you sell your home
  • Identifying referral sources in the community
  • Offering Reverse Mortgage counseling for seniors