Our Team

Management Staff

Trena Bond

Executive Director

Roxanne Defoe

Assistant Executive Director

Dasheika Kidd

Racine Program Manager

Katrina Weinberg

Homeownership Center Manager

Housing Counseling Staff 

Eloisa Balderas

Bilingual Homeownership Specialist – Milwaukee- South

Elena Echeverria

Homeownership Specialist – Racine

Lisa Stephens

Homeownership Specialist – Racine

Shirley Lowery

Homeownership Specialist – Homeownership Center

Samuel Overton

Homeownership Specialist – Waukesha

Emmett Gross

Homeownership Preservation Specialist – Homeownership Center

Reverse Mortgage Counselor

Other Staff 

Tracy Polk

Rehab Specialist – Tool Loan Center

Letecia Nickols

Specialist AssistantHomeownership Center

Monica Cazares

Specialist Assistant – Homeownership Center

Leticia Hernandez

Specialist Assistant – Racine

Board of Directors

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